Author: Alastair Campbell

Thank you Boris Johnson, for reminding me of our right and our patriotic duty to resist you and your Brexit

And so, twenty months after getting their marching orders from the British people, the government has embarked on ‘the road to Brexit.’ If you ask Mr Google the question ‘how long does it take to build a road?’ you get a variety of answers, from a couple of years for cheap and cheerful (and short) to a decade for much bigger projects, but ‘a mile a week’ seems to be about par for the course. So by that calculation the government road to Brexit should be around eighty miles long right now. Instead of which, they appear barely to...

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What the hell is going on at the BBC? Another great institution being harmed by Brexit

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph led on a ‘story’, part penned by Theresa May’s former right-hand man Nick Timothy, that billionaire George Soros was at the heart of a ‘secret plot’ to reverse the EU referendum. Anyone who follows politics even vaguely is aware that Mr Soros is a supporter of the UK staying in the EU, and a backer of the Best for Britain campaign, one of the myriad groups resisting Brexit. It is not a secret. It is not even a plot, given what they do and say is all out there. But it is of course all...

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With Trump and Brexit two dark clouds, thank God for the next generation. They keep me going

I’ll admit it, until this morning I had never heard of Not3s [pronounced Notes, oldies] or Mabel McVey. I met them as fellow guests on the Sunday Brunch show on Channel 4, where I was promoting the new novel, and they were performing live in the studio. I’ll also admit I had never seen the programme before, and was a bit shocked to learn it lasted three hours, and you were more or less on the set the whole time. But that is long enough to form a judgement about people, and I formed one about these two. Not3s...

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New website, new look, new book, New European, new and old battles to fight

OK, I’ve listened. I’ve listened to people like the wonderfully named James Ski, who stood up at a mental health event I was speaking at, and said ‘I’m a big fan, but your website’s shit.’ His considered advice was that it was old-fashioned and hard to use on mobile. He wasn’t the first to have said so, nor the first to have criticised me for being too intermittent in my blog postings, but he cut through. So I called my friend Warren Puckett, a North American Scottish Nationalist, so just the kind of quirky mind I needed, and asked...

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Macron is the real heir to Tony Blair

To Paris, to speak at a conference on geopolitics, en francais bien sur, where I was asked to answer this simple question: “The world -what the hell is going on?” I love the trust implied in their invitation, namely that I might have the answers. I who was (until early June 2016) confident that we would not vote to leave the EU; I who was convinced that our American cousins would never elect as their President a racist, sexist, narcissist of zero political experience or human empathy; I who was helping President Francois Hollande until he hit 4% approval...

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My Latest Book

Book cover image

Saturday Bloody Saturday

A Game More Serious Than Life or Death


Alastair Campbell &
Paul Fletcher

Alastair’s latest book, a novel about 1970s football and terrorism co-written with ex-Burnley striker Paul Fletcher, has become an instant bestseller.

‘Saturday Bloody Saturday’, which tells the story of a struggling Northern football club against the backdrop of an IRA bombing campaign, went straight into the Sunday Times bestseller lists within days of publication by Orion.

You should never meet your heroes, the saying goes. Well, Alastair Campbell met one of his, Paul Fletcher, and a great friendship began. This co-authored novel is its latest manifestation. ‘Of the fourteen books I’ve done, this has been the most fun,’ he said.