To paraphrase Brian Clough, I am not saying this was the best day of my life but it is in the Top One. I have met many well known people but only one that I have mentioned every day since first meeting them. To play in a charity match with Maradona, and to train with him, was as good as life gets. He was still in so many ways like a kid who just loved to kick a ball. He wore his fame with difficulty at times but he was so nice to everyone involved in Soccer Aid and even men who had won World Cups were in absolute awe of him. The world will be talking of him, writing of him, making films about him for ever. Football is the greatest game on Earth and he was its greatest player RIP DIEGO LEGEND IDOL 💔 ...

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Alastair Campbell is a sought after public speaker in Britain and abroad. Drawing on his experience of ten years alongside Tony Blair, and his considerable understanding of the modern media, he specialises in strategy, making change, dealing with the media and crisis management – often at the same time.

Dozens of testimonials from a wide variety of businesses, organisations and conference organisers have paid tribute to his skills as an engaging and innovative speaker able to apply his insights and experience to the work of others with wit and passion. He liaises directly with event organisers in advance so as to tailor a presentation to their specific needs. Often controversial, and always prepared to speak his mind, he is willing, indeed keen, to make a question and answer session part of his presentations.

He is towards the top end of the fee scale for paid public speaking engagements. But he speaks regularly, pro bono, for charitable, political and educational events.