Not that long ago David Cameron was comparing his religious faith to a fuzzy radio signal in the Chiltern Hills. Now it is The Big Thing. It seems to be the driver of his life and his politics and he is suggesting Christianity should be a bigger driver of the country’s life and politics too.

We had the warm up act with his ‘Jesus invented the Big Society’ and now the full Monty as Easter nears.

If he really believed all this, then despite my ‘don’t do God’ approach to life, I would have no problem with it. My ‘don’t go Goddery’ was never anti- faith, it was more a reflection that unlike in the US British people are suspicious of politicians who seek to tie their religion to their politics. TB’s faith was real, but his rare public discussions of it while Labour leader and PM were inevitably misinterpreted.

But how are we to believe Cameron believes it all when so recently he was twiddling the knobs on the radio trying to find his faith at all, and admitting he was a Christmas and Easter, send the kids to Sunday school, bog standard middle England Churchgoer?

Like so much of what he does it feels like a tactic in search of a strategy. It reminds me of the trip to the Arctic to pose with huskies and announce he would lead the greenest government ever (this the man who as Prime Minister is yet to make a single substantial speech on the environment and has allowed the climate change deniers the upper hand in his party)

Think of some of the things he could have done with his time, influence and power this Easter weekend. Alex Salmond and his planned break-up of the country he leads could do with a bit of attention, for example. The European elections look like being a disaster of his making, his tactic of a referendum having given a nice strategic gift to his new director of European strategy, Nigel Farage. For all the occasional data points, economic recovery is failing to deliver rising living standards for the many. Meanwhile Putin marches on, and we seem not to be on the diplomatic pitch, let alone influencing the game.

But it’s Easter, there was clearly a hole in the ‘grid’, the need for a new talking point after the Maria Miller fiasco, so someone said ‘I know, let’s get Dave to do God.’

If this is leadership, God help us.