I really do wish the quiet carriage on the Heathrow Express was a quiet carriage. Maybe I don’t find the right one, but I find there is nowhere to escape from Muzak, instructions about where to put your bags, and news bulletins whether you want them or not.
So in between feeling like a grumpy old man who likes things quiet in the morning, and when travelling, I heard that the White House ‘could easily’ lay to rest conspiracy theories about whether Osama Bin Laden really was killed a couple of days.
This is nonsense. The whole point of conspiracy theorists is that whatever the official version of events, they will find a hole in them, and drive through every madcap theory they can think of.
I would be interested, in a prurient kind of way I guess, to see a picture of OBL. I would be even more interested to see a tape of the live footage of events unfolding, which is how Barack Obama followed what was going on. There will be Hollywood versions before too long I imagine.
But the point is I do not need to see a picture of a man with a bullet hole in his head to know that I believe Obama when he announced Bin Laden was dead. Just as those who don’t believe him would love to see a photo so that they could point out how different he looks to the last photo they saw, so they can get new conspiracy theories going about how the photo was touched up, how there is nothing in it that says time or place, and how some minor detail in the photo contradicts somethinng a White House official said in the initial hours after the attack.
In other words, those who want to believe Obama will do so. Those who don’t will not. But deep down, even those who don’t – or at least the vast majority – know deep down that Bin Laden is dead.
It is fitting that in the run up to this momentous event, in between planning and authorising it, Obama was having to deal with another conspiracy theory, fuelled on this occasion by Donald Trump, namely that the President is not American.
Trump is a Chump. Obama is an American who is President of the US. And Bin Laden is dead. I don’t need to see pictures of any of them to know all this to be true. Seeing pictures of Trump helps in formulating the opinion he is a chump, but it is not essential. Indeed the likelihood that we will see less of him in the near future is one positive side effect of the attack on Bin Laden. His credibility as a Presidential candidate fell as Obama’s credibility as Commander in Chief Rose.
It is good news that it was a conspiracy theory that did for Trump. There will be plenty more to come, and most are likely to be as credible as Trump.