Am in Belgium, and have just learned that Lloyd George used to stay in the very house where we are. Now there was a Liberal to be reckoned with.
I see some of the commentators are beginning to compare semi-detached Vince Cable with Clare Short in the Labour government. Anyone who has read my diaries will know this is not a comparison to be relished, either by former Saint Vince, or Messrs Clegg and Cameron. Could it even be the beginning of the end?
Meanwhile, we see Cameron planning to ‘give’ Clegg PR for the House of Lords if the AV campaign is defeated.
Nice to see all these issues being decided on principle and on the merits of the argument eh? Wonder what Lloyd George would have made of it. Can’t see him taking to Clegg or Cable to be frank. I shall go and sit in the sunshine and see if his spirit lingers, and offers up any understanding of what the Liberals have become.