I have no idea if Gordon Brown is interested in being the next head of the IMF, no idea if it is true that current incumbent Dominique Strauss-Khan fancies himself as the Socialist Party challenger to President Sarkozy at the next election, and no idea if GB would be a frontrunner if and when DSK moves on.
What I do know is that David Cameron’s pre-emptive strike reveals a petty nasty vindictiveness that does him and his office no good. I know their entire economic strategy is based on the lie that GB is to blame for the global financial crash, but to take that to this extreme goes beyond party politics and into the realm of putting narrow party interest before possible national interest.
I never had much good to say about John Major’s premiership, but I do recall the grace he showed in sending the man he defeated in the general election, Neil Kinnock, to the European Commission. Also my diaries are littered with examples of TB trying to secure top international jobs for current and former Labour, Lib Dem and Tory politicians.
You certainly need a ruthless streak to get to the top in politics, but it is not the same thing as vindictiveness. It exposes a weakness rather than a strength, and the real weakness is that Cameron can’t see that.