According to the pre-speech spin (I thought that was all in the past), David Cameron is going to declare war on ‘the enemies of enterprise’ today, and he is going to tell us that these include government bureaucrats who dream up rules and regulations which get in the way of small businesses developing as they should and would like to.
This is getting perilously close to John Major Cones Hotline territory.
In case he had forgotten, someone needs to remind Cameron that although he failed to win the election, he is Prime Minister. That means he is head of the government. That means he appoints ministers. And it is ministers who run departments. So if those departments are coming up with bureaucratic nonsense, as clearly he thinks they are, then it is their competence that is in question.
Perhaps he needs a reshuffle. Or a lesson in how government works. He also needs to spend less time worrying about getting a few slogans for speeches, and more time working on decent content and strategy.
Big Society blah. Enemies of enterprise blahdiblah. When a PM blames the people for whom ultimately he is responsible, we are in major blahdiblah territory.