A bit late to be blogging I know, but in the new media world there is no such thing as a deadline, no such thing as a geographical boundary, so  in a way no such thing as late.

Plus I have had one of those days … up early and sudddenly noticed my car wasn’t where I had parked it. Belatedly spotted the sign the council claims has been there for a fortnight warning that the bay was going to be suspended … so off to the car pound, a very levelling kind of place. £260 quid for failing to see a sign. As to why the bay was suspended, apparently the council felt a pressing need to lower the speed humps on the road where I had parked. So they removed the existing humps and replaced them with lower ones, and my car was a victim of this urgent work. Haven’t they heard about the council cuts? I’d have thought dehumping and rehumping would have been top of Mr Pickles’ list off things which didn’t really need doing. Still, perhaps I should see my £260 as today’s contribition to the Big Society.

I needed a bit of fresh air after that so out on the bike, but I couldn’t find my helmet and I hate not wearing a helmet so I cut it short, and in any event it was too cold. Then I had a few calls to make, caught up with emails, and started to bang out a blog saying I couldn’t understand why the Treasury was so adamant in saying there was ‘no plan B’ to the economic plan laid out by George Osborne.

Of course there should be a Plan B … and I had got that far when something called Java something or other came along and wiped out the work I had done. Alas I didn’t have a Plan B for the blog, so I thought oh sod it, the world can live without my views on the economic Plan B memo written by Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell.

In any event I had a few meetings and then had to leave for City airport for a flight to Dublin where I am due to be speaking at a lunch tomorrow (or is it today yet?) I left loads of time to get there but the traffic was horrendous, and I only just made it. I lost my glasses somewhere between check in and boarding, so forgive any typos.

Not a spare seat to be had on the flight, hotel heaving, the restuarant I’ve just been to  absolutely packed with people saying how bad things are. But there is a Plan B, even if the IMF helped draw it up. There is always a Plan B. Osborne is taking a huge gamble with the economy. Pickles is taking a huge gamble with local services. Andrew Lansley is taking a huge gamble with the NHS. The whole lot of them are gambling like crazy that their policy prescriptions are sound.

And if there isn’t a Plan B, I’d be worried. So thank God for GOD I say. No, not the God I don’t do, but the GOD by which initialising Whitehall refers to Gus O’Donnell, who is hopefully gently reminding ministers and senior civil servants that Plan As don’t always go according to plan. I have a fancy that the government will need quite a few Plan Bs in months to come.