Yes, I got an iPad for Christmas. Yes, I had a couple of blogfree days while enjoying Christmas and getting used to typing on ice, which is a bit how it feels till you get the hang of it.
We have been up in the Scottish Highlands, and despite the snow and the cold, yes I have been out on the bike and yes, this was a form of masochism from which my feet took a while to recover. It also meant I missed Burnley’s first away win of the season, confirming Fiona in her view that they do better when I am not there. And yes, this is all a load of inconsequential blah designed to fill a bit of space and then be able to say I have successfully posted my first blogpost via iPad
Oh, and yes, I watched the Christmas version of Strictly Come Dancing, and yes I felt mild sympathy for former Saint Vince, and a major squirm when he said he hoped David Cameron was watching because his dancing showed a coalition working well. Oh dear, the perils of pre-recording!
A word too for Michael Gove, who is quickly developing a habit of coming up with half baked policy proposals which he quickly has to change as common sense comes pouring in from what the top brass in the government doubtless see as rather common people.
As some of you may know, I am about to publish volume two of my diaries, Power and the People, which cover the first two years of the Labour government.
We certainly had problems along the way, but I think it took a while longer before ministers started to weaken themselves quite so powerfully as Vince and Gove have done. I remain unconvinced that David Cameron cares too much about the weakening of others.
Now off to try to get a few apps. Promise not to go on about them.