There is nothing wrong with governments looking to politicians not actually inside the government, but broadly supportive of it, to do a job of work for them.
So Michael Heseltine as an advisor on growth, manfully filling a gap left by poor Lord Young, who seemingly had to go because he said what he thought, and created a modest media storm, fair enough. I always had a bit of a soft spot for Hezza from my journalist days, when he was good company, a good story and a good source. He is looking a bit older these days, but I have always felt we do not use older politicians as well in Britain as, say, the Americans, so I don’t doubt he will be dusting down a few of those ideas from the days when the Tories discovered there was a city in the North West called Liverpool.
Less convincing is the sudden appointment of Simon Hughes as an advocate – much better than czar – on access to higher education. I have also had a bit of time for Simon. But of the two, I confidently predict that despite Hezza’s past habit of storming out, it will be Hughes who does so first.