The Labour Party’s media monitoring brief is, as I have mentioned before, a superb piece of work. It can sometimes be a ltttle misleading however, particularly when read overseas.

As I read it this morning in the US, and enjoyed the detail of what struck me as something of a scandal (the row over Forgemasters) and then potentially another (St Helena airfield getting support after lobbying by Michael Ashcroft) I assumed these stories were being covered fully and in detail back home.

But then I noticed comments on my blog of yesterday, and responses to my tweet of earlier today, to the efffect that there was something close to a news blackout on these stories across the broadcast media.

I ask just one question, and would be grateful if just a few of the journalists who read this might reflect upon it … if these were stories which had been happening during any of the 13 years up to May 6, 1997, do you think they might have been covered more?

We got used to the Tories enjoying the benefits of a lame and often lickspittle press in the run up to the election. It is quite something to see it continuing afterwards.