And this week’s Spin of the Week award goes to … drum roll, drum roll … the Canary Island tourism board, Promotur.

If you don’t know why, you probably weren’t concentrating yesterday because you are among the 52 per cent of us – allegedly – whose productivity dropped as we struggled to cope with the dark nights closing in now the clocks have gone back.

Surveys? Don’t you love them? Don’t you love their utter meaningless which nonetheless may conceal a grain of truth?

And what inventiveness for this survey to be done by a tourism board that will be wanting to make us feel in need of the winter light and heat that the Canaries may have to offer.

Why else would they pay for 2000 people to be quizzed on how the dark nights affect their mood and discover that yesterday, lo and behold, was the most unproductive day of the year?

And the grain of truth? Well, I had a fairly substantial pile of work I was hoping to get through yesterday, and substantially failed, as I found myself being distracted by family, visitors, and also allowing the easier and less important work tasks coming to the front of the queue.

You may also have noticed that I couldn’t even be bothered to blog till well into the afternoon, and then it was just a cut and paste from an interview I’d done for a Japanese newspaper. As for my daily exercise dose, I planned on doing ninety minutes on the bike, and stopped for a coffee in Regent’s Park after less than an hour. 

And by last night – a Monday for heaven’s sake – we found ourselves doing what we normally only do at weekends and on holidays, namely watching a DVD – and of a film we had seen before, Slumdog Millionaire. Better second time around by the way.

So by the time I got to my diary, the most interesting observations I had to make were what a spectacularly unproductive day I had had, and how much I wanted to go to India again.

Good job I’m my own boss. 14 per cent of people, says the Canaries’ survey, are so unproductive on post clocks going back Monday that their boss tells them off. And eight per cent admitted to calling in sick because they were so depressed at the thought of going to work knowing it would be dark by the time they left for home.

Meanwhile, according to Dr (not sure what type) Christian Jessen (authoritative-sounding Scandinavian name) of Channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’ (what?) ‘The Winter Blues are no joke. They can affect your work performance by making you unable to concentrate and carry out your normal roitine, your relationship by affecting your libido and your social life by making you feel irritable and anti-social.’

Better all bugger off to the Canaries then.

Only today, I feel more productive already. Done my morning emails. Begun to clear yesterday’s backlog. Done the blog, almost. Got a few meetings, a Leukaemia Research do tonight, and hey, I’m over it. Loving the autumnal colours rather than focussing on the pending late afternoon gloom. It’s All In The Mind, to quote a good book.