I always, always, always wear a helmet when cycling. Always. Except yesterday.

And guess which day it was that someone tweeted that they’d seen me out on the bike. Yesterday. Followed by someone who said they once saw me and Boris Johnson out cycling on the same day, though not together. Boris never wears a helmet so far as I can tell. Idiot.

As to why I didn’t yesterday, just one of those moments. I forgot to put it on. Must have been distracted. Once I realised, well into the ride, that it was missing, I was desperate to get home. Non-helmet wearers may find that odd, but I keep as a reminder of the need to wear a helmet an old one with a horrible dent where otherwise my temple would have hit the pavement that delivered the dent.

The point though, as well as the obvious safety one, is that twitterers can see you here, there and everywhere. There is no escape. Ask John Prescott. Steps off a plane in Washington DC, heads to his hotel, and is raving about the film he watched on the way over from London, namely In The Loop.

‘That was Alastair, that was. That was Alastair,’ he apparently said of the foul-mouthed spin doctor main character. And how do we know he said this? Because it was immediately tweeted by one Armando Ianucci, creator of said foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker. And how did he know? Because he was the person JP was raving to … of all the people, in all the places, blahdiblahdiblah.

JP is in DC trying to set up a Council of Europe conference in advance of the Copenhagen climate change summit in December. He has been seeing experts from both Al Gore’s team, and President Obama’s. And the story of ‘In The Loop’? A British politician going to Washington for important meetings with the Administration. Who’d have thought it … JP as life imitating art.

No wonder he is going all luvvy on me. First liking a film which I had pronounced as not as good as it was cracked up to be by the critics. Then telling Ianucci he liked it. And then, once Ianucci had tweeted, tweeting back to tell him how much he had enjoyed meeting him, and adding ‘Tucker IS Alastair, but with less swearing.’

After all I’ve done for him down the years. Bastard. Only joking. Bastard.

I suspect he and Armando are off to the ballet tonight.