Just missed the train from Preston by a few minutes, so time to knock out a quick blog. Not seen a paper or the news for two or three days, and worried the internet connection won’t last, so not risking dipping in and out of news sites to find out what if any ‘news’ I’ve been missing.

Have spent a couple of days filming for a BBC North West documentary on what Burnley’s promotion to the Premiership means to the town. Interviewed a couple of former players, Paul Fletcher and Martin Dobson, in the home dressing room today. Not sure what the multimillionaire superstars of the top clubs will make of the baths, which Fletch says have not changed much since his days.

Daz the kitman was getting all the new strips ready for Burnley’s pre-season tour of America. To save money, he has swapped the stencils for logo printing with Middlesbrough, who went down as we went up. He says his Man U equivalent has a staff of five. ‘There’s just me.’

In the film we are speaking to all sorts of people connected with the club, managers and players past and present, fans, businesses.

The buzz around the club and around the town is fantastic. I spent a bit of time in the local tattoo parlour, which is doing a roaring trade in club crests, with the lower leg the favoured body part. A local butcher, who taught me how to make sausages, is similarly benefiting from having named three of his sausages in honour of Burnley FC’s exploits.

Also spoke to our greatest ever player this morning, Jimmy McIlroy, now 78, who said he had never felt so excited about the arrival of a new season.

On the way back to London now to record a radio programme called Chain Reaction, in which somebody chooses somebody they want to interview, who then chooses someone they want to interview, and on and on it goes.

Tonight they are recording Frank Skinner, who has chosen to interview Eddie Izzard, who has chosen to interview me. At a later date, I will interview someone else, and the producers asked me to provide a list of comedians I like (you can see from the first two on the list that they like a strong comic element to the programme).

I think my Number 1 choice would be John Cleese, but he might be busy, or away, or both, so any other thoughts welcome.