Since starting this blogging malarkey some months back, I have done at least one every day. Obsessive, moi?

This is really just a way of keeping up that record, though when we go away for our summer holiday I do not intend, unlike on the Scottish holiday we had at Easter, to blog every day.

So why has it taken until almost seven pm before I put finger to keyboard? Answer, a combination of tiredness and cricket.

Tiredness because last night we were up north for a very enjoyable family birthday/wedding anniversary party, which meant a late night, then an early start to do the longish drive to get back in time for the Twenty20 Finals.

Not being sexist, ahem, I was keen to get back to see the women’s final as well as the men’s. It was a bit of an anti-climax, as England’s women hammered New Zealand with the ball, and once they began their own innings, the result was never in doubt. I was impressed though, and really pleased England won. (Cue angry comment from Wyrdtimes re my confused national identity.)

The stadium filled up for the men’s final, which I fully expected Sri Lanka to win. They didn’t. Pakistan did. So as well as being one of the shortest blogs I have ever written, it is also contains a rare admission I got something wrong.

Someone asked me today ‘who invented Twenty20?’ I don’t know the answer, but whoever it was deserves a lot of praise.

A final thought – Margaret Beckett for Speaker, gardening bills or not.