It will be very hard for the parties to get much attention for their election broadcasts amid the ongoing expenses fiasco.

Which is a pity, because I have had a sneak preview of Labour’s tonight, and it is very nice finally to see a decent -sized boot going into David Cameron. Well, not a boot actually, but a fist, the film cutting between a Tory Boy whacking a punchbag and clips of people warning what a DC government would mean.

I’ve been banging on for ages about the need for Labour to start landing a few blows on Cameron. He has been getting it easy from the media for so long, but frankly he has been getting it too easy from Labour too.

The broadcast highlights the threat he would pose to help for the unemployed, support for families, extra help for pensioners, health and police budgets, all contrasted with the pledge he has made to introduce inheritance tax changes designed to help a small number of wealthy families and individuals.

In normal circumstances, there might even be a bit of a row about the nature of the braodcast, with the thump-thump imagery and the claims being made. But the media are on a very one track mind at the moment.

Amid declined TV bids today, for example, one from Channel 4 News who tell me excitedly that they will be doing an outside broadcast from Westminster and devoting most of the programme to expenses – like it was the American elections or something.

To be fair, it is a mighty mess, but that does not mean all other issues stop existing. Also, I see the first to lose a position is DC aide Andrew Mackay over claims concerning property belonging to him and Mrs Mackay. She happens to be fellow MP Julie Kirkbride, formerly a journalist on the Telegraph, the paper that is breaking these stories day by day. Funny they didn’t break this one eh?

Anyway, for anyone wanting relief from expenses, and wanting to be reminded of what the Tories are really about, try BBC 1 at 6.55 tonight, or ITV at 5.55 or BBC 2 at 18.25.

If you miss it, it will apparently be going up on the website once it has gone out on the box.

Of course the expenses saga has been dreadful for all the main parties. But come June 4, and come the next general election, choices still have to be made about who the country wants in power. It is not just about who claimed how much for what, wretched though the whole business has been.