‘Gee, what a great wall.’ You had to hand it to Ronald Reagan. He had a way with words.

But now it seems the Great Wall is even greater than the Great Communicator realised when he came out with his reaction on seeing it for the first time.

There we were, thinking the Chinese had total control of everything that happened inside their vast country, and yet it seems they were unaware of 180 miles worth of extra Great Wall.

What is also interesting, given how quickly the Chinese appear able to put up power stations, stadia or major infrastructure projects, is that it took two years hi-tech work by the Mapping Agency to discover the new bits thus far concealed from mapsters by hills, trenches and rivers. And, according to the China Daily, there may be more. Another hundred miles and we’ll be up to 4,000.

What appeals to me about the story is that no matter how much we think we know about anything, there is always something new to learn, if even a wonder as well-known and well-chronicled as The Great Wall can, centuries on, be discovered to have new bits that stretch the length of the M1

… which is where I was, (excuse dreadful clunky segue) heading back from Burnley’s wonderful win against Sheffield United, when I got a message from a friend equally impressed by the discovery of the extra bits

… and where I will be tomorrow, heading to the opening of a new centre run by the mental health charity MIND, thereby ensuring I miss the Budget, but good luck to Alistair D. Interesting results from Tesco I see. Interesting piece from the boss of Next yesterday. Interesting comments from the CBI. Interesting observation from a businessman on the train north yesterday (I got a lift back) who said he thought things were picking up faster than he had expected.

Who knows? All I know is the Great Wall has been the same length for centuries. It’s just that we didn’t know what it was. We just thought we did.