Just back from Dublin, just home for a quick change before heading out to chair a debate on class in politics, inspired by the West End play based on David Cameron and Co’s Bullingdon Club, POSH.

But before I go a quick word of thanks for Tory MP Charles Walker and Labour MP Kevan Jones for speaking about their own mental health issues, respectively OCD and depression, in the Commons debate on mental health today.

I heard the news in an excited text from Sue Baker, who heads the Time to Change campaign aimed at breaking down the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. She and I have been saying for ages that the campaign, for which I am an ambassador, would really benefit from MPs being more open. So to have these two men come out like this today will really help. I also believe they will quickly see that any fears they may have had that it will lead to people thinking worse of them will be disproved. Yes people can be cruel, but not the majority, not by a long way.

The Independent have asked me to do a piece on this for them for the morning, and once they have published it, I will put that on here.

Now off to POSH … quite looking forward to discussing class in politics with Rachel Johnson, editor of The Lady, privately educated Labour MP Luciana Berger, the play’s director, and an academic who studies class and politics.

Despite Cameron’s little pot shots at Leveson, I will endeavour to be objective about one of the ‘two arrogant posh boys who doesn’t know the price of milk’ now running the country (copyright Nadine Dorries MP)