I have a new book out, Burden of Power, which is published on Thursday. I know some of you have noticed because I have had a few requests on here, via email, twitter and Facebook, for signed copies.

As I tweeted recently, I signed a lot of stock for Waterstone’s a few weeks ago, so their main shops should have some. If you want a personalised dedicated copy, (dedicated to yourself or as a present) then I am repeating the arrangement for previous books that I have with my local Waterstone’s in Hampstead.

They will charge the full cover price, but throw in UK postage for free. So that means £25 for this new 700 page hardback, my diaries covering 9-11 to the war in Iraq. They can also arranged for signing of hardbacks and paperbacks of previous volumes and my two novels, All In The Mind and Maya. Paperbacks of The Blair Years, Prelude to Power, Power and the People, and Power and Responsibility are priced at £12.99, £9.99, £9.99 and £9.99 respectively.

All you have to do is email manager@hampstead.waterstones.com stipulating what books you would like, what if any dedication you would like, and how you would like to pay. They will let me know if this has changed, but last time they preferred payment by credit card over the phone, (0207 794 1098) or cash/credit card in person at 68-69 Hampstead High Street London NW3 1QP.

And finally, while on the subject of Waterstone’s Hampstead, on behalf of the National Union of Diary Writers may I tell you that Chris Mullin will be there at 7pm this evening talking about his books. He is not a football fan! Call the number above if you want to go.