I am becoming more and more convinced that this could be a one-term government, and that David Cameron will go down in history as a one-term Prime Minister who never won an election.

It is not just about the economy, stupid. It is the fact that the government appears to be so clueless about what to do about it; and that they appear happier blaming anyone and everyone for what goes wrong rather than devising a strategy to give themselves a chance of things going right; and that they seem to dislike all the people they are going to need to work hard for them if their plans are to come to anything.

With the idea of a one-term Tory government as a good goal to have, Labour need to raise money for the fight ahead and I been press-ganged by former sports minister Dick Caborn again to help the Party put together a sports fundraiser in London on July 11. The previous sports dinners we organised were among the most successul, in terms of money raised, in the Party’s history. As I tweeted yesterday, a fantastic after dinner musical performance from Robin Gibb RIP was one of the reasons.

With the Olympics upon us, and the nation about to go even more sports mad than usual, it is a good time to remind people that contrary to Tory and media propaganda, Labour had a good record on sport, and not just because of the campaign to win the Games for London. Tony and Cherie Blair, who both played a big part in that particular campaign, are Patrons of the dinner, as is Sir Alex Ferguson.

Since tweeting this link about the event, which sets out the details and the prices for tables, unsurprisingly some Labour supporters have suggested it is beyond their reach. I understand that. But it is important we are not defensive about trying to raise money. For all their faults and their uselessness, the Tories can call on a lot of very wealthy people to fund their campaigns and come the next election, they will have all the money they need. Labour must do all it can to try to match them.

It is all very well for people to say they don’t like politics, as all too often people do, but in the modern age a Party that does not run an effective and well-organised campaign will do itself real damage. So anyone who wants to see the back of this government, and a Labour government back in power, should think about how they can help – practically, financially, in any way they can.

So apologies to all those who would like to be there, and can’t afford it. But to all who might be able to, please take a look, think about buying tables, or recommending the event to people who might, or save for an individual ticket, or if you have access to good auction and raffle prizes, then get in touch via 020 7783 1545 or email development@labour.org.uk

Table sales are going well, and I am easily winning the battle with Dick and John Prescott about who can sell the most. But I will be very happy if they overtake me in the coming weeks. Fat chance. In it to win it …