Michael Gove looked like a naughty boy caught with his hand in the sweet jar when Ed Miliband quizzed the Prime Minister about the Schools Secretary’s ill-judged running commentary on the Leveson Inquiry.

I have a hunch it is a look that will become familiar to us as the press (or at least those parts not in Gove’s pocket) continue to chivvy away at the saga of the private email accounts he wants kept from public scrutiny, and now a mass of deleted emails which should have been kept. To put it crudely, a whiff is developing.

The word in Whitehall is that whatever crackerjack ideas departing Steve Hilton may have had, civil servants found him far easier to work with than some of Mr Gove’s special advisers, such as Dominic Cummings and Henry de Zoete.

The latest mass deletion of emails was uncovered by the Media Standards Trust. One of my civil service friends and former colleagues, whilst refusing to discuss what the deleted and private emails may reveal, did indicate that Mr Gove and his team had cause to be concerned. The diggers should keep digging.