One of the broadcasters told one of GB’s aides last night that David Cameron ‘won’ the second leaders’ TV debate. Fine, you might think. The guy’s entitled to his opinion, and that was what he thought.

The only problem is – he said it just after 6pm, well before the debate took place.

What he meant was that in the media bubble surrounding the debate, the press were telling themselves that a Cameron comeback would be the story. I would love to see the news schedules from yesterday’s morning conferences at the Sun, Times, Mail, Express and Telegraph. I think we all know the story they wanted.

Cameron did better than a week ago, but not by much and from a low base.

Over on the Cleggmania wing of the media, they wanted a different sort of story … Clegg wins again. The Guardian is leading the way on that one.

But buried in their reporting of last night’s debate were some interesting findings in the ICM poll done after the debate. 
1.  Who would be best PM?  GB 35%, Cameron 33% and Clegg 26%.

2.  On the same question amongst C1’s GB 39 v DC 27% and Clegg 26%, and C2s  GB 39, DC 33 and NC 22.

3.  On who would make the right decisions ins difficult times  GB 43%, DC 34% and NC, 18%.

4.  47% of all voters think DC is more spin than substance, 54% of C1 voters believe that.

5.  On decisiveness GB now leads DC 38 v33 and Clegg at 25.

What it says to me is that as this campaign goes on, substance can win over style.

I have just watched GB make a susbtantial serious speech on the future of the economy. I am now watching David Cameron kiss Philip Green’s bum and trot out a few economic platitudes, and more hung parliament processology.

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