There really is something quite unpleasant seeing the two big parties take lumps off each other. Come on, Nick and David, this is so old politics. The public are crying out for something more elevated than all this yah-boo blue-orange, orange-blue carping.

That’s why I was so pleased to hear that the party put third in one of the polls this morning – Labour – is turning the focus back to the economy, setting out their plans for securing the recovery, protecting public services, and warning of the risk to the recovery from the one person other than GB who could be PM after May 7, namely David Cameron, not to mention his ‘what a great week we had’ shadow chancellor George Osborne.

So as Cameron and Clegg slug it out through the media over who has the nicest tie, the prettiest wife and the silliest policies, GB and Alistair Darling will be back where they belong – on the centrality of the economy, substance, big points of defence and attack. All after spending the first few hours of the day heading the government handling of the volcanic ash situation. Talk about government being full of the unexpected events that have to be dealt with.

But the campaign does have to go on, and it is at a very exciting stage. The anti-politics mood is still out there for sure. But the anti-Tory mood is growing.