New website, new look, new book, New European, new and old battles to fight

OK, I’ve listened. I’ve listened to people like the wonderfully named James Ski, who stood up at a mental health event I was speaking at, and said ‘I’m a big fan, but your website’s shit.’ His considered advice was that it was old-fashioned and hard to use...

My film on the Mail – and why it is good for the soul to rip it up

I know, I know, I am almost sixty years old, a grown man even  ... and yes, if my Mum was still alive, she'd say 'tut, tut, Alastair, why are you bothering to make a film about that silly man from the Daily Mail that most people have never heard of, and none but his...

Well that was a result for James Dyson’s spin team - @BBCNews report on his plans to build new car in Singapore not U.K. - and not a mention of Brexit views let alone hypocrisy

Hi, I'm Rod Liddle. In 2005 I beat up my pregnant partner & now I earn money bashing Muslims.

Hi, I'm Tommy Robinson. In 2005 I assaulted my girlfriend & now I earn money bashing Muslims.

Hi, I'm Steve Bannon. In 1996 I beat up my wife and now I earn money bashing Muslims.

Yesterday I challenged the PM that 1.5 million young people have not had their say on #Brexit despite being eligible to vote. It’s their future that is at stake with with this damaging Tory Brexit @peoplesvote_uk #PeoplesVote

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