New website, new look, new book, New European, new and old battles to fight

OK, I’ve listened. I’ve listened to people like the wonderfully named James Ski, who stood up at a mental health event I was speaking at, and said ‘I’m a big fan, but your website’s shit.’ His considered advice was that it was old-fashioned and hard to use...

My film on the Mail – and why it is good for the soul to rip it up

I know, I know, I am almost sixty years old, a grown man even  ... and yes, if my Mum was still alive, she'd say 'tut, tut, Alastair, why are you bothering to make a film about that silly man from the Daily Mail that most people have never heard of, and none but his...

@BBCSimonJack @EdConwaySky Try to understand this from a Japanese perspective. It’s a loss of face to withdraw from a commitment. Not done lightly. The exception is where one has been misled or lied to. So the ‘broken promise’ about a Hard Brexit permits decisions on economic grounds to dominate.

A No Deal Brexit means - the evidence says - drug shortages. Stockpiling will only work for a few weeks. And the measures Government has put in place to deal with shortages are unlawful and risk patients' health.

Leaving without a deal will put lives at risk - we're not prepared

Director and founder of Good Law Project

A helluva new Exocet from Sir John Major this evening at a speech in Glasgow. Says UKIP-ers are "hollowing out" the Conservative Party, and the ERG are "zealots" and not real Tories (1/2)

"I make no apology for saying that leaving the EU without a deal would be a catastrophe for British farming."

National Farmers' Union President Minette Batters says a no-deal Brexit is "the stuff of nightmares".

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