New website, new look, new book, New European, new and old battles to fight

OK, I’ve listened. I’ve listened to people like the wonderfully named James Ski, who stood up at a mental health event I was speaking at, and said ‘I’m a big fan, but your website’s shit.’ His considered advice was that it was old-fashioned and hard to use...

My film on the Mail – and why it is good for the soul to rip it up

I know, I know, I am almost sixty years old, a grown man even  ... and yes, if my Mum was still alive, she'd say 'tut, tut, Alastair, why are you bothering to make a film about that silly man from the Daily Mail that most people have never heard of, and none but his...

Burnley have lost the last six Premier League games where Ashley Westwood HASN'T started.

People dying waiting in A&E corridors
Record high of 4.4m people waiting for operations
Worst waiting time figures ever
100,000 staff short

The Tories have done this to the NHS.

The good news is on Thursday we have a chance to end this.
Vote tactically to end Tory rule.

Dr Sonia Adesara on Twitter

“One of the worst nights in A&E It’s not safe It’s not fair Not fair on patients And it’s not fair on staff Im so ang...

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