Just before Christmas, I wrote a blog about the way that media-driven myths were driving government policy and political debate, for example on the issue of immigration. If you need a reminder you can read it here, but first I recommend you read this brilliant expose of one paper’s lies and myths about the so-called wave of immigrants heading our way from Bulgaria and Romania.

Written on the British Influence website by medical journalist Jon Danzig, formerly of the BBC, it takes you line by line through the way a Mail story works, ‘facts’ twisted or possibly invented to suit the pre-ordained line of the story, and then a refusal seriously to engage when a reader like Danzig tries to challenge the basis of the story. He is now trying to get redress from the Press Complaints Commission (still clinging to life thanks to the press’s obstructive tactics post Leveson) on the grounds that the PCC Editors’ Code commits to reports being accurate. Good luck on that one Jon. They will probably come back saying that as you are neither Romanian nor Bulgarian, and not named in the story, you cannot seriously have been offended, so they cannot properly assess your complaint. Don’t forget that Dacre was a key player in the making of the Editors’ Code, as he is in the Leveson obstruction plan.

Danzig has performed a valuable public service, and as the so-called mainstream media does very little to challenge the myths, and instead prefers to go along with them, we need more rebuttal services like this online. It is difficult for me to do this myself, as I refuse to allow the Mail in the house, and if I step outside 1, I will get wet because it is raining again and 2, I will probably be mugged by a Bulgarian or Romanian.