I was asked by twitter to give them a message for their seventh ‘birthday’ and select my ten favourite twitterers.

My message for twitter is ‘I like twitter because it enables people to create their own media landscape. I hope it does not become too commercial.’ And here are my top ten, as just tweeted, with a short explanation for each one.

@optajoe – because I love football stats
@joey7barton – because not all footballers are boring
@johnprescott – the last generation of MP showing this
generation how to do it
@nomorepage3 – good campaign and it is going to win
@queen_hm – my favorite spoof
@kingswing72 – Elvis is Labour
@blairsupporter – relentless rebuttal of a lot of the ongoing bile re TB
@timetochange – slowly helping change people’s attitudes to mental illness
@guardiannews – quick with links
@schooltruth because she’d kill me if I didn’t (and because she is brilliant at debunking Goveology and promoting State schools)
Lots of other people were asked to list theirs and you can see their choices here.