I hope someone at Transport for London is reading. I hope said TfL person, on reading to the end, will take a few minutes to try to find the person I am writing about, and reward him in some way.

Yes, it’s one of those ‘restores your faith in human nature’ times.

The person in question is a bus driver who was last night working the C11 route in North London, which Fiona’s mother, who had been here to celebrate her birthday, uses to get home.

On getting off the bus she realised she didn’t have her handbag. So no purse, no keys, no credit cards, all now off for for the rest of the C11 ride. Not a very happy birthday.

She cancelled the cards, came back to our house to get keys, and wrote off the rest. Meanwhile Fiona started to fill in the TfL lost property forms online. Then they decided – hope springing eternal – to drive the route, find where the bus ended its journey, and see if they could find the actual bus she had left the bag on. Slim chance … but then …

Audrey got a phone call, from a friend, saying that someone had just called her and if she was at the Archway bus stop at 10pm, she would have her handbag delivered to her.

That call was from the bus driver. He had seen the bag in a break between journeys, taken possession of it, and once he got to the end of the route, called the first number he could find inside her little address book. So instead of spending the end of her birthday feeling stressed and angry at herself for losing her bag, and facing a day sorting out all the consequences, thanks to the bus driver, all ended well.

On Wednesday, The Independent had a poll saying that people trusted and believed each other less than ever. In The Happy Depressive, I have quoted surveys confirming that people’s happiness has been matched by a decline in the belief that when we leave our own homes to venture outside, people will be nice to us.

So like I say … faith in human nature can be quickly restored. As for TfL, Fiona said she thought the driver was of Eastern European background, seemed embarrassed by their gratitude and was just a thoroughly nice man.