Nobody can accuse David Cameron of idleness. Fresh from telling the whole of Europe how to do its job, now he turns his attention to God. And in between times he has been sorting out the High Street with Mary Portas, sending in troubleshooters to sort out troubled families, not to mention having an ‘amazing triumph’ (collected wisdom of media) by pointing out that Nick Clegg is not his brother.

So I am not questioning the man’s workrate, just questioning some of the stuff that comes from his lips. I get the sense he has persuaded himself that his tantrum in Europe was the right thing to do, even as more and more business leaders, including those he sought to ‘protect’, are saying the opposite. It will take a long time to pan out, but I remain strongly of the view that he, or more importantly Britain, will live to regret it.

As for doing God, and proclaiming that Britain is a Christian country, I hope someone far better qualified in the teachings of Jesus than I will be getting out the Christometer and measuring the impact for good or bad of scrapping EMAs, pricing young people out of university, slashing funds for the voluntary sector and generally taking the country back to the more selfish values of the currently romanticised Thatcher era.

One quote in particular stood out for me in his remarks on religion. “I am a committed – but I have to say vaguely practising – Church of England Christian, who will stand up for the values and principles of my faith.” I don’t know about you, but I feel a certain conflict between ‘committed’ and ‘vaguely practising’. But then it seems to apply to a lot of issues. Get him on a good day and he is a committed European. Then he gets out the veto. He was once a committed environmentalist, riding with huskies, promising to lead the greenest government in history. And that went … well, we all know where that went.

In truth he is a committed Conservative who talks progressive when it suits him and acts conservative pretty much all of the time.

Enough for now, I am a committed and more than vaguely practising Burnley fan, and must be setting off for Brighton shortly. May your Gods go with you.