As part of my new regime – lost 17 pounds in seven weeks, for which I was surprised to get a round of applause at an awards dinner I hosted last night – I now try to walk at least one journey per day that I would otherwise go by car, taxi, tube or bus. So today I enjoyed an early morning long one, from NW3 to Waterloo, where I was meeting the British Cycling genius who put me on my current regime and exercise routine.

All a long winded way of explaining why someone stopped me as I walked down Kingsway, and asked why I hadn’t blogged so much in recent days. I am always taken aback when anything like this happens, which suggests I continue to see things through an old media rather than new media prism. If someone says ‘I saw that thing you wrote in the Daily X,’ that seems perfectly normal. If they say they read your blog, it still feels a bit weird.

So why have I been a bit more reticent than usual? Partly because Philip Gould’s death knocked me a bit sideways and I haven’t quite recovered my equilibrium. Partly because I do seem to have more in the diary than usual at the moment – there will be a strategic review at Christmas. Partly because I am preparing to play the bagpipes in a big concert in Glasgow at the weekend, and am practising as hard as time permits. And partly because I am due to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry next week, and so am giving that considerable thought.

I have not been able to see much of the evidence being given live, so have had to rely on snatches of TV, radio and newspaper coverage. As I tweeted yesterday, I did spend a little time on the inquiry website and I strongly recommend that anyone really interested in the issues reads the statements submitted by witnesses. The testimony given so far, not least that of the McCanns yesterday, has been powerful enough. But the statements really are worth careful reading.

I hope this is enough to satisfy my Kingsway lady. But now I must walk to my next engagement, lunch with an old mate.