First of all congratulations to Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. Somehow I cannot see them failing to get a point out of Blackburn or Blackpool, so effectively they are Champions. He has further sealed his reputation as the country’s best ever manager, and Manchester United have overtaken Liverpool as winners of the most titles in history. I know I’m biased as he’s a friend of mine, but when you look at Alex’s record, surely even all but the most one-eyed Liverpool fans must accept all the claims for Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley etc etc  really don’t stack up.

But enough of football, and back to the most important question arising from Thursday’s elections – namely the future of Scotland, and a question for Alex Salmond … Will Alex Ferguson get a vote in the independence referendum? And will my Mum?

Both have lived for many years in England, in Alex’s case 25, in my Mum’s more than 60. Both are as Scottish as they come, in terms of blood and character. Both have strong views about independence.

I completely understand that for last week’s elections to choose MSPs for Holyrood, only those on the Scottish electoral register should have been entitled to vote. Likewise when the Labour government devolved power to create the Scottish Parliament in the first place, it was right that this was done by referendum (controversial at the time) and right that Scots in Scotland should decide.

But the decision to leave the UK is of an altogether different dimension and the rights and views of Scots outside Scotland should be taken into account.

Many Scots left Scotland for economic, educational, personal and family reasons. Surely they should have some kind of say as to whether they are Scottish, British or both.
Indeed, given how significant the break-up of the UK would be, affecting England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland, there is a case for a UK wide referendum on the issue. I am surprised this has not been raised yet by any of the pro-Union parties and MPs.
I hope it will be as this debate moves forward.