Another fabulous day weather wise, spent so far sorting out a contract on an overseas speaking engagement; doing an interview with Andy Gray and Richard Keys on their new Talksport show; recording the voice over for a little film on Ian Botham’s charity exploits at Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research; going for a painfully slow run home; and now starting to pen a few thoughts for a speech I am doing on Wednesday to the Royal College of Nursing conference (pro bono before anyone asks).

They have asked me to talk about mental illness, and in particular the work I do with Time to Change to tackle stigma and discrimination (on which thanks to Messrs Keys and Gray for raising Time to Change in the varied hour I spent with them this morning, during which we also covered Burnley’s dip in form, friendship with Fergie, famous players  Richard and I have played with, golf, phone-hacking, Formula One, Wayne Rooney and whether footballers are role models – I said they shouldn’t have to be – and whether Masters champion Charl Schwarzer looks like Owen Coyle.)

The RCN has had a fair bit of play with their survey showing significant cuts will affect the frontline in NHS care which Messrs Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Lansley all promised to protect.

As I scribble away in the sunshine, I’d be grateful for any examples, particularly in mental health, showing that the frontline is already being affected, and examples of where the cuts are likely to affect it further. Feel free to feed in any other thoughts you have too. Thanks.