For reasons I may dilvuge at a later date, I didn’t have time to do a blog yesterday, and today I have just a few minutes before going out to complete the BBC Lifeline Appeal film on behalf of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research; then off to Grassington in Yorkshire for their annual festival where I will talk books, politics and meet up with some of the Calendar Girls, the nearest LLR have to pin-ups.

Sorry for the long ‘intro’ (at journalism school we were urged to keep it under 30 words, preferably 20) but it shows I am rushing I guess.

Time simply to say that in various snatches of car radio news yesterday, I was glad to hear Alistair Darling refuse to lie down and die in the face of a ConDem spin operation that, as one of the right-wing bloggers says this morning, would have made me in my heyday blush.

Despite the spin, the reality is that the Alan Budd report is not quite what Dr Osborne ordered. Yes, it says that growth is likely to be lower than forecast. It also says borrowing will be lower, which tends to blow a fairly big hole in the Osborne-Cameron-Clegg argument mounted in recent days.

And while the spin went for a ‘game, set and match’ to set the tone of the debate for years to come, by the end of the day, it was more like a tie-break situation. And if, as many now seem to fear, the rush to cut helps usher in a double dip recession, then the Tories’ ‘everything is Labour’s fault’ strategy (so much for taking politics out of the economy) will look a bit lame.

Must rush.

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