Off to Dublin today to see a few old friends and do the Late Late Show. It’ll be nice to be in a country where the majority will have no truck with the idea that a Conservative government could ever be a progressive government, even when propped up by someone as nicely turned out as Nick Clegg.

A word on the hugely enjoyable, and fantastically organised, Sport Industry Awards last night. The big awards went to Alex Ferguson and Brendan Foster, presented respectively by Fabio Capello and, in Brendan’s case, Tanni Grey-Thompson and the legend that is Haile Gebreselassie.

Having been a judge on the awards panel, I was particularly pleased to see the pure joy brought by the award to the team from Everton FC for the work they do in mental health.

I presented the Leadership Award to Nick Fry, part of team that presided over the best comeback story in Formula One history which led to Jensen Button becoming world champion. He managed to slip into his speech that he voted Labour, and said afterwards he was really disappointed at what had happened.

Maybe I just attract anti-Tories but in what was a pretty affluent, black tie dinner, I was struck by how many people sought me out to say the same thing. Fergie, Brendan and Tanni are huge Labour supporters anyway, so they don’t count! But plenty of others, including many in the business community, felt Cameron had failed to win a majority because he didn’t really know how to lead, whilst Nick Clegg was being seen by some as an unprincipled opportunist.

And when I had a little dig at Clegg when being interviewed on stage before I presented the award, fair to say it went down better than I had been expecting. There was also a lot of suspicion around at the news that the Tories had refused to commit to ring-fencing Olympic Games budgets, and a big desire that Tessa Jowell should continue to have a role in the preparation of the Games.

Meanwhile, more and more ex Lib Dems come to Labour. Apologies if the books being asked for take a bit longer to get out than usual but we have been overwhelmed by the sudden surge asking to buy The Blair Years and raise cash for Labour

Meanwhile, here are just a few of the messages left on Labour’s website by recent recruits.

Ruth from Cambridge
“I voted Lib Dem to keep the tories out. Now the LDs are with the tories, I’m coming back to Labour.”

Craig from Newcastle upon Tyne
“Former member of Liberal Democrats – the idea of any discussions of supporting a Conservative Govt fills me with utter disgust”

Nick from London
“Having just voted Lib Dem at the election, wooed by the promise of a new kind of politics, I am alarmed at the prospect of a Lib/Con coalition. Have decided that I will never again desert Labour at an election and wanted to go a step further and join the party.”

Pam from Newcastle upon Tyne
“Since the election, when I am ashamed to say I was persuaded to vote tactically for the LibDems, I have been dismayed about them talking to the Tories.”

Simon from Watford
“Because the Liberal Democrats have completely let me down.”

Stuart from London
“I feel totally betrayed by the libdem party who have formed an unnatural coalition with the Tories. ”

Alex from Witney
“I believe in labour policies and beliefs,that they are best for this country, I voted Lib Dem as a protest vote against David Cameron in the election, a wasted vote!”

Maxwell from Basingstoke
“Until recently, I was a member of the Liberal Democrats, believing that they offered a radical and progressive agenda for British politics; I see now that I was mistaken, and Labour remains the home for the progressive, centre-left in the UK – our only hope for ‘A Future Fair For All'”

Mark from Reading
“As an ex-lib dem’er, I feel sick I helped to get the tories in to ruin Britain again. Doing my bit to help the progressive cause in Britain”

Anne from Southport
“Labour’s never going to win in this town. I thought about the local picture, not the bigger picture, and so I voted tactically (Lib Dems) ūüôĀ ¬†Never ever again will i vote tactically in my whole life. ”

Scott from Manchester
“I made the mistake of voting for the Liberal Democrats, first, and last time.”

James from Leamington Spa
“A week ago I was wondering about joining the Lib Dems, but they have just lost all credibility for a generation. Time to come back home to Labour.”

Jane from Reading
“I voted Liberal Democrat to keep Gordon Brown and the Labour party in Government. ¬†Bad Decision and never again. ¬†I cried tears when Gordon Brown spoke following his resignation and again when David Cameron entered Number 10 – tears of sadness in the first case and fear in the second.”

Elanor from London
“I am a former Liberal Democrat supporter who feels betrayed by their coalition with the Conservatives – I now feel Labour is the only viable progressive force in British politics.”

Paul from Ripley
“I was very very stupid and got seduced by the empty promises of the Liberal Democrat party during the 2010 General Election campaign. Having previously been a Labour voter I shamelessly switched and voted Lib Dem. ¬†Seeing a Tory Prime Minister has made me feel desperately disappointed with myself for getting sucked in. ¬†From now on I’ll live by the mantra that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. ¬†It’s easy to say in hindsight, but I never felt right from the moment my hand parted with the ballot paper. ¬†I wish to become an active member of the party and will look to get involved with any events/societies when I re-enter full-time education this coming September.”

Isabelle from Bristol
“Because the Lib Dems just let me down.”

Kate from Dorchester
“Thought about it for ages. ¬†Voted ‘tactically’ for Lib Dems due to West Dorset constituency – first time I haven’t voted Labour and felt utterly ashamed so wanted to make amends! ¬†Feel awful sense of dread at new Government. ¬†Want to raise tax to get rid of deficit so want to work within a party to do this. ¬†Gordon Brown’s resignation was so dignified it made me cry!”

Amy from London
“I voted lib dem and am disgusted and let down that they have joined with the Tories. ¬†I agree with most of labour policies and I want to see a socialist government in the future.”

Alex from Maidenhead
“i am a disgruntled liberal democrat supporter”

Felix from Holsworthy
“Previously having been a Liberal Democrat, I was disgusted to see them ‘sell out’ by allying with the Tories and would like to support the only major progressive party left”

Mark from Newport
“Frustrated at tactically voting Lib Dems who then form an alliance with the Tory party. Will never vote Lib Dem again and stick and support Labour.”

Phil from Abingdon
“Tactically voted Lib Dem to keep tories out and feel betrayed to see Cameron walking in to No.10. Will only ever vote on principal from now on…not ever tactically. ”

Christopher from Glossop
“I worked for the liberal democrats in the 2010 election and feel betrayed and let down by their actions.”

Laura from High Wycombe
“I am 18 and just voted for the first time, Liberal Democrat. This was a tactical vote against the Conservatives and now that I’ve been let down, I want to show where my real allegiances lie. ”

Kim from Hornchurch
“I am disgusted as a former Liberal Democrat that Nick Clegg has deicded to prop up a Tory regime. ”

Rosemary from Berwick-upon-Tweed
“I flirted with the Lib Dems, but want to come back home to the Labour Party.”

Sam from Tunbridge Wells
“I voted Liberal Democrat to stop the Conservatives, but was horrified to see them prop up the Conservatives. I will never vote for them again, regardless of labour’s standing in my constituency.”

Chris from Wednesbury
“Stood for Lib Dems in local elections and never have felt so let down as I do tonight.Stuff them and their Tory leader,lets fight for a left wing government. ”

Daniel from Billingham
“‘Conned by false ideology of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats has helped me decide to return to my first instincts that the Labour party had my best interests in mind and at heart.”

Michael from London
“Always a Labour supporter, but sadly, this year seduced by Lib Dems. It seems voting Lib Dem got me Tories. Shame on them.”

Callum from Bracknell
“Completely disillusioned with the Liberal Democrats. I preferred that a lot of their policies were geared towards helping students and the economic growth of our country, but i can’t support a party that would ally themselves with someone who would seek to reduce the funding given to our public sector”

Catherine from Hull
“Labour is the party for a better future for the majority, not the minority who ruled for so many years in the past. They have made mistakes, of course, but it would be a much bigger one not to give them another chance. I will never vote Lib Dem again. ”

Natalia from London
“I am so disgusted with the Lib Dems for forming an alliance with the Tories. I voted Lib Dem last week only because I perceive them to be to the left of Labour on some issues.”

Susan from Otley
“so disappointed after election and in my area -Leeds North West I voted Lib-Dem- but would not have done so if I had known a vote for them would be a conservative vote.”

Harry from New Malden
“Voted for liberal democrat, to stop the Tories but I have ended with a conservatives government. The liberals campaign that a vote for labour would not stop the conservatives, but it looks like a vote for the liberals was a vote for the conservatives. I want a modern progressive government and you will never get that with conservatives”

Vic from Bristol
“Having voted all my adult life I made the extremely dire mistake of tactically voting for the Liberal democrats. Disgusted with myself and full of remorse I have now decide to be a more active member of a party that i feel i have betrayed. sorry.”

Carolyn from Dorking
“I have resigned my membership of the Liberal Democrats and wish to become a member (again) of a progressive party ”

Karen from Newcastle upon Tyne
“I have supported the Liberal Democrats and been an active member for a number of years. ¬†I now feel totally betrayed by the Liberal Democrats, I certainly did not give that support to get a Tory Government”

Malcolm from Wallasey
“The decision by the Liberal Democrats to get into bed with the Conservative Party has lost them my support for the next decade at the very least.”

Dan from London
“I’m sure like many who are signing up today, I voted for the Liberal Democrats in the General Election. Won’t get fooled again!”

Jessica from London
“Labour have done so much to imporove this country aqnd help the lives of ordinary people. Whilst I don’t agree with every policy of the past, I do believe that Gordon Brown was a good PM and a decent man. I have left the Liberal Democrats to join the Labour party because it is only Labour that now represents the progressive left.”

Mark from Illford
“Left the Liberal Democrats and returned to my natural home.”

Adam from Rochester
“I made the mistake of voting for the lib dem’s last time, not again. ”

Richard from Gloucester
“Because my Lib Dem tactical vote was to keep the Tories out, not prop them up!”

Oliver from Winchester
“Sad to see Gordon Brown go. Wanting to stand up against the Murdoch press. My tactical Lib Dem vote resulted in a Tory prime minister.”

Daniel from Oxford
“I thought by voting LibDem I was keeping the Tories out of power. I am so sorry!”

Jane from Colchester
“I accidently voted for a Conservative government by voting Lib Dem something i would not knowingly have done. ”

Paran from Worcester
“I voted tactically for the Liberals and will never do so again.”

Isobel from Tonbridge
” I have been campaigning against the conservative party for 30 years. For the past 10 years I have campaigned on and off for the LibDems for tactical reasons (I live in Tory stronghold, safe seat). I will now NEVER vote LibDem again (not even tactically). Nor will I support them locally. I would like to concentrate on helping my local Labour Party to raise its profile in this area. ¬†Rejoining the Labour party after about twenty years is a demonstration of my commitment to this. Gordon Brown has been inspirational during this campaign; the only candidate with substance and (so it now seems) integrity. We have lost a good PM. ”

Angela from East Grinstead
“I voted Lib Dem to try to keep out the Tories, never again. I want to support Labour for the fight back, they are the only party to have acted in line with their principles.”

Katherine from Newcastle upon Tyne
“I’ve been a LibDem supporter for 15 years, despite being a ¬†die-hard socialist. ¬†I did not use my vote to vote Tory. Gordon Brown has been vilified in the press – yet he is one of the few politicians who genuinely empathised with low-income families. ¬†I don’t believe the Tories would have reacted any differently to the Iraq or Global Economic crises, and our country was in safe hands with GB at the helm. That no longer applies.”

Nigel from London
“Gordon Brown’s dignity, and the Lib Dems’ betrayal, convinced me it’s time for everyone who wants progress to come home to Labour.”

Nicola from Kingston
“Former Labour voter who has voted Lib Dem this time, I didn’t do that to put Cameron in power.”

Claire from Wells
“to pledge my support for labour, i voted tactically in this election (lib-dem) what a mistake that was!”

Neil from Teddington
“I wish I had done more to keep the Conservatives out of office. I voted Lib-Dem at the election tactically and wish I had voted with my true social beliefs.”

Sarah from Truro
“I have decided to join, because like many, I did a tactical vote last Thursday. I voted Lib Dem instead of Labour, to stop the Conservatives getting in. ¬†What happened? ¬†My constituency is now Tory, the Tories are in 10 Downing Street and Nick Clegg has turned himself into some kind of Tory lap dog. I am very disappointed. Also Gordon Brown has been blamed unfairly for all of the problems we have to face and I think we have lost an excellent leader. I look forward to see who becomes the new leader, make it a good one! ”

Joanna from Buckfastleigh
“I am a Lib Dem member and voted Lib Dem to keep the tories out, I believed that Lib Dem were a party that stood for the progressive left, I am now gutted to see them prop up a tory government.Though I am grateful that tory policies and government will be watered down by Lib Dems, I now view Labour as the only voice of the progressive left. I can never trust Lib Dems again with my vote. I will be cancelling my Lib Dem membership as of today.”

James from Bristol
“I feel I have been let down by my previous political party (The Lib Dems) after they joined in coalition with the most right-wing Conservative party in recent years. As such, they no longer represent my political beliefs.”

Daniel from Southend
“I always voted Labour, this time i voted Lib Dem….What a mistake. We don’t realize what an amazing job Gordon Brown and the Labour party were doing…..We will now!”

Jonathan from Holt
“I voted tactically for Lib Dems to keep the Tories out. I’m disappointed a vote for Lib Dems ended up a vote for Tories.”

Tom from Birkinhead
“I was so angered that my vote for the Liberal Democrats was usurped by Nick Clegg propping up a Tory government that I have decided to put my full weight behind the Labour party, I guess you could say I am coming home”

Victoria from Gloucester
“Because I do not think Tories should be in power, I voted Lib Dem however I think my vote was wasted and would rather have a labour government then a Tory government”

Michael from Hull
“Previous Lib Dem voter disgusted at the coalition, Labour are the only party who can deliver social equality in Britain. ”

Patricia from Kendal
“I Have supported Labour in the past and believe strongly in its aims. ¬†I voted tactically in a mainly conservative constituency to support Lib Dems. ¬†They have now handed my vote to the Tories and I am appalled. I must support Labour now.”

Steve from Stoke on Trent
“I voted Lib Dem because I believed in their policies above all others. ¬†I did not vote for them so that they could change them at the drop of a hat and form an alliance with the Conservatives. ¬†Labour offers the only true alternative to a Conservative Government.”

Sarah from Cambridge
“I feel let down by the Liberal Democrats who I previously supported and now feel that the Labour Party are the only viable option for a fair Britain.”

Billie from London
“I voted Liberal Democrat and am outraged at the betrayal of the Tory/Lib coalition. If I had wanted David Cameron and his cabinet I would have voted for them. I never thought I would join a political party but the Liberal Democrat’s decision has spurred me into action. I feel I have to join the Labour party to offer my support publicly to the only remaining progressive party. ”

What was it Clegg said when we said voting for them meant ‘vote Clegg, get Cameron’? That was Labour playing the old politics. Yeah right. ‘Don’t let anyone tell you Clegg is anything other than a psuedo-Tory, propping up a Tory government which couldn’t win a majority despite the easiest playing field for an Opposition party ever.’

And to the guy who came up last night and said why don’t I stop knocking the Tories and give it a rest, let me tell you what I told him — because elections are won and lost in years not weeks and the next one is already under way. And it will come sooner rather than later, and people need to be reminded now, at a time the media kiss the buttocks of Dick Clameron, of the reality of the Cameron failings and the Clegg betrayal. I for one won’t tire of setting that out.