Despite having more money than they know what to do with, the Tories’ broadcasts have been dreadful. Despite having next to no money, Labour’s have been terrific, for which thanks to Mark Lucas at Silverfish (I can even forgive him for designing my website in a way that means the blog can’t be read on an iPhone) and all the presenters, producers, cameramen and women, actors, supporters and others who have given of their time and commitment.

Eddie Izzard’s ‘Brilliant Britain’ film has been watched online more than any UK election broadcast ever. Tonight’s from Ross Kemp will run it close. (BBC2 17.55, ITV1 18.25, BBC1 18.55, Five 19.25, C4 19.55)

There have also been some terrific viral films, and here is one inspired by David Cameron’s Big Society ‘Vision.’ As you watch, remember TS Elliot’s definition of wit – the alliance of levity and seriousness by which the seriousness is intensified. You can personalise this film here

Enjoy the film. You certainly won’t enjoy the Tory vision of public services if they are elected on Thursday.