So the Tories’ New Big Idea (NBI) is the Co-op. They say.

Interesting though that the Newsnight report on the NBI  used as part of its explanation a film report  showing where Labour already does it, and some old shots of Dave making a speech saying much the same thing as he was setting out as the NBI in front of some nice new posters yesterday.

In the old footage he was wearing a poppy, as was Iain Duncan Smith (the renowned Tory explorer who has seemingly made the incredible in-touch discovery of inner city poverty, and the link between sport and health). So it was some time in late October or early November.

After the film there was a discussion between a right-wing think tank person who needs to wash his hair and a left-wing think tank person with a polo neck sweater and a nice manner.

At the end of the programme I was none the wiser as to what the NBI really is.

But it must be great to have the media so in your thrall that you just have to say something is the equivalent of Maggie’s council house sales and, even when it isn’t, you get lots of coverage for it.

There are so many unanswered questions to his latest NBI that had it been a Labour NBI, ministers would be run ragged trying to fill in the holes.

You watch though. He’ll have another NBI soon. It’ll be the equivalent of the Big Bang privatisation programme. For at least two bulletins anyway.

In the absence of thought through policies that stand up to scrutiny it is nice to see he is still coming up with new posters as a way of spending some of Ashcroft’s dosh. Even nicer to see ‘I’ve never voted Tory before’ trending on twitter with hundreds of reasons not to vote Tory.

Yesterday was another one.

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