Interesting moment at BBC London – I was there to be interviewed by Robert Elms about my book and my views on matters London – when the ‘news’ was announced that David Cameron had ‘called for an inquiry’ into GB and bullying.

Interesting because of the rolling eyes and the ‘inquiry into what?’ shouts from those who heard this ‘news’.

There is always a moment in media frenzies when the media knows that it is reporting a frenzy but can’t do much to stop it(self). . This was that moment. It said as much about Cameron as it did about GB.

As he clearly has nothing better to do with his time, Cameron could perhaps draw up the terms of reference for the inquiry, and maybe give some indication as to how much public money he thinks should be spent on it. Then realise he was wasting his breath, and making himself look silly in the meantime.

Rule 1. Only call for resignations if you think there really should be resignations. Variant on the rule – only call for inquiries if you really think there should be one.

Of course the Andrew Rawnsley book, and the resultant mini frenzy, is meat and drink to the Tories not for what it says about Gordon but because it removes the threat they fear most – the prospect that policy might be on the politico-media agenda.

There were two ways for Team Dave to approach today. He could have said … well there goes GB in a bit of a pother about this Rawnsley book, and that Pratt woman has rather helped push it along in our direction so let’s leave it and instead I’ll go out and say something about the economy, or public services, maybe outline one or two things I would do if I was Prime Minister.

Or he could ‘call for an inquiry.’

Pathetic really.

The Tories seemingly can’t work out why the polls are closing.

It is because people are starting to look at them more closely, and realise what a second-rate bunch they are.

Doubtless Andy Coulson was at Dave’s right hand as this ‘strategy’ was put together. That would be the same Coulson whose bullying culture at the News of the World led to the biggest tribunal payout on record. No calls for an inquiry then, eh Dave?

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