What on earth is the fuss about? So David Cameron’s picture has been airbrushed so that the forehead looks baby-bottom smooth as drivers look away from the snowy roads to see DC looking down from poster sites around Britain.

As I have explained in a little video just uploaded on Youtube, there is a tradition of airbrushing photos on posters that goes beyond just doing it to models. Indeed, I have to say that the airbrushed poster I have talked about is one of my favourite posters of all time. And I hope when you see it you will agree that just as it fitted a central message for the 2001 campaign, it kind of works for now as well.

What an odd week. The Tories have a great big campaign launch, all bells and whistles and airbrushed babybottoms, which goes a bit kaput because of Dave’s ignorance about his own marriage tax policy, GB splatters him at PMQs, then the Hoon-Hewitt letter and the subsequent kerfuffle rather detracts from all that.

Meanwhile the weather ruins a week in which I had been looking forward more and more with each day to Burnley v Stoke, after the appalling decision of Owen Coyle to walk away from the club that gave him the chance of top level football management. With the game off, I have a bit of time on my hands. Hence the vid. Hope you enjoy being reminded of the poster or, if you never saw it at the time, seeing it again.