Congratulations to Willie Bain on being elected as the Labour MP for Glasgow North East. The by-election result shows that where we fight we win.

I’ve been away in Austria for the past few days, and on my return I was struck by the number of people on Facebook and Twitter who have contacted me to ask me to sign up to a certain campaign.

A fellow Twitterer, Ellie Gellard  (in Twitterspeak she should probably be a Twellow, or since she’s a Labour supporter, maybe she¹s a Twomrade) has started up a campaign to get one of the films made for screening at party conference shown on TV as a party political broadcast. 

The two and a half minute film, called Against the Odds, is here. Have a look. It’s a powerful reminder of why Labour values matter and why, as we did in Glasgow North East yesterday, we need to fight to win. Defend our record, take on our opponents and set out our future vision.

For me the film is an encapsulation of what it means to be Labour. It covers the fight against fascism, Labour¹s commitment to the NHS and the battle against apartheid. There’s the peace that TB sought to bring to Northern Ireland. Rights for workers, Sure Start, the minimum wage, cancelling debt to developing countries. There are more. All things we couldn’t have done without being in government. How did we get into government, not just in 1997 but at any time? By fighting against the odds.

The polls and the papers may not be great for us right now, but if we can win a by-election at this point, with a majority of over eight thousand, that says there is very much a fourth term of Labour government to fight for. Against the Odds shows how, so often in the history of the Labour Party, we’ve come from behind to win. And as the film says at the end, “we can succeed, because we must.”

I’ve signed up to Ellie’s campaign, and I hope you do too. There’s a Facebook group here and an online petition here

Ellie has also written about the film and her campaign at LabourList.