So GB has suggested that the Tories’ inheritance tax pledge is the first tax cut in history where those proposing it will personally know those who stand to gain.

I think this should be put to the test. Can we not have a list of the 3000 estates who will make six figures and more from Dave and Gideon’s plan? Can we not then send the list to D and G, with a D column for Cameron to tick if he knows them, and a G box for Osborne. Then alongside that a TPD box, to be ticked if those on the list are Tory Party donors.

According to that reliable source known as the Labour Party, Gideon stands to make half a million smackers out of the move. They have even set up a nice IHT calculator on the Party’s website, at

So that’s a tick in the G box and the D box. I know him too, a bit, so I’ll have my own AC box, but not being much of a Kensington and Chelsea moving and shaking type, I reckon I will be well behind D and G.

Sadly I was travelling when GB and DC were locking horns. Hard to tell from the media who did best, which suggests it must have been GB. When Dave does well, (in their opinion) the instant talking head blatherers make sure we know about it.

I am a little disturbed about Dave’s attitude to the whole thing. I see in the pre-match skirmishes he described today’s procedings as ‘a waste of time.’

This is most odd for someone who wants to be PM and therefore, we have to assume, has an interest in politics.

He is entitled to disagree with the proposals in the Queen’s Speech, or to say that they do not meet current needs, or to say that had he the chance, he would set out a very different agenda.

But you can’t say the measures on care for the elderly, or dealing with the banks, or energy needs, or inequalities, or parenting checks for mums and dads of unruly kids do not have at least some political and policy significance.

Ah, they say, but this is all about winning votes not meeting the needs of the country! Yeah, like that Flood and Water Management Bill ought to see the Don’t knows and the Disaffected rushing back to Labour!

Instead Cameron just dismisses it all as a waste of time.

How does he think that makes The Queen feel, having to dress up and travel in a coach and wave and sit on the throne and read out the speech, when the leader of her Loyal Opposition thinks we should not have bothered?

What I think his attitude reveals, or confirms should I say, is an aversion to policy. In Opposition TB used to look upon QS day as an opportunity to critique the government and set out an alternative vision and agenda.

Cameron can’t be bothered with the second bit. Policy? Bills? Do me a favour, I’ve got a photocall to attend to.

I reckon if Simon Cowell gave him a call and said ‘hey Dave, Piers Morgan is too big for my Britain’s got talent’ show now and I’m looking round for a new judge for the next series, do you fancy it?’ he’d be off like a shot.

I bet Simon’s on the 3000 list. Gordon knows him. So in the interests of fairness we should have a GB column alongside D, G and TPD.

GB is bound to know a few of them I guess, what with having been Chancellor for a decade. But at least he does not allow his policy to be dictated by them, nor ever forget that he in politics to help the many, not the few at the top who can take care of themselves.