Concerned regulars text, email and comment, to ask whether the blog-free last couple of days signifies some woe that may have befallen me. One of my bouts of depression, for example. Something even worse, suggested others hopefully.

Mais non .. am ok, on a scale of one to ten, around about seven in the ok up top stakes, so no worries, as Australians used to say until Flintoff whittled them out.

There is a far simpler explanation … a combination of planned and unplanned busy-ness coming together with the mental note I made to myself some time ago, and alluded to here as well, that I would not do a blog anything like every day of my summer holiday.

So to continue with my sporting references, see the silence as like a bit of a warm up for longer periods of silence to come. To those who cannot live without it, you can both speak to each other (the kind of self-deprecation that will have you voting for me in Iain Dale’s Total Politics’ ‘Blog Oscars’ in droves.)

I only knew about Iain’s vote for the top ten blogs because he told me I should plug myself on my own blog, and urge people to vote for me. Iain, that is just too tacky for words – I could not possibly urge people to vote for me at 

Anyway the point is I have done at least one blog a day since I started out many blogs ago, in early February, and I have in the main enjoyed it a lot. What I like best is the freedom it gives you to say whatever interests you, whenever it interests you, at whatever length takes your fancy. I also like the fact that, for example, the type face has suddenly changed in this paragraph and I am not that bothered.

I have enjoyed a lot of the debates that have followed my blogs on here, on Facebook and on Twitter. But I think the odd break is fine, and I am pleased to have broken my own spell. To those who said this was becoming the latest obsession – ha, showed you.

As to the planned and unplanned busy-ness … the planned was yesterday’s 52-mile bikeathon which took up most of the morning, followed by a trip to Lord’s which took up all of the afternoon. I was in one of the Mound stand boxes which meant I could watch the cricket live whilst turning between balls to watch golf on the telly. High class sport all around me.

The unplanned was on Saturday, picking up and starting to read Antony Beevor’s latest book, D-Day. The plaudits, and its place at the top of the bestsellers’ list, are thoroughly deserved. As I read, and read, and read, I could not get out of my mind how 24 hour news, had it been around, would have covered such events, and how quickly that might have dissipated public support. What a story, and how brilliantly told.