Knocking this
off very quickly before heading to a conference in the North East to make a
speech on mental health. So before too long I will be in a room full of
psychiatrists, in Tony Blair’s old constituency of Sedgefield.

With the BBC
leading on a report suggesting real pressure on NHS finances in coming years, I
will be making the point that the public profile of a public service can make a
difference when public sector resources are allocated.

services are often viewed, not least by psychiatrists, as the Cinderella end of
the NHS, a trend reversed under successive Labour health secretaries.

And as well as
the financial impact of the economic crisis there will be psychological impact
too. Not for nothing is the same word – depression – used in economic and
psychological contexts.

I’ve just done
BBC Radio Newcastle – meant to be about mental health but that was tacked on
the end of an interview about TB and God, and then the expenses scandal, never
mind – and the presenter admitted she would be petrified of talking to a
roomful of psychiatrists. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile a few
observations on communications from watching breakfast telly in between
breakfast, gym and radio interviews this morning. Andy Burnham – did well on
big picture context.

A man from
Halfords on their results – excellent performance. Good tone, weaving in loads
of plugs for their products, even made losses on sat navs sound like good news.

A woman from
Connectivity, which is launching what sounds like a very irritating mobile
phone directory inquiries system. Not great. I had been tempted to opt out
based on what I knew so far. Definitely opting out now.

John Terry
trying to build tension pre a game against Andorra – good effort.

Got to go now.
The shrinks await.