And so, on this the day of publication of Prelude to Power, volume 1 of the AC diaries, covering 1994-1997, I bring you the news you have all being waiting for – the winner of the #neverhappendedunderlabour competition launched here yesterday.

First of all, may I thank those who persuaded me to do a hashtag, and second thank the squillions of tweeters, facebookers and blog-commenters who joined in the fun.

Serious point – it will not be long before not just tribalists like me, and some of the other #neverhappenedunderlabour-ites who commented, start to miss the Labour government and all the good things it did, now under threat from the coalition. So there are sound strategic reasons to keep reminding people all the things, funny and serious, that neverhappenedunderlabour.

But in the meantime, the exercise has shown that even in defeat, we can keep our chins up and smile. Indeed, it was odd how few of the coalition-supporting comments were witty, and how many of them were just plain sour. Ho hum.

There really were a lot of good comments, and the judgement as to which were best is inevitably subjective. But as I said yesterday, le juge c’est moi, et mon jugement est final.

Only one person can win the promised signed copy of Prelude to Power, but because I am a softy at heart, I do want to give some sort of prize to those who came close to winning.

So there are three runners-up and if they get in touch either through FB, twitter direct message or a message on the website, with their addresses, I can offer them the choice of a signed copy of either of my novels, All In The Mind or Maya, or a signed copy of The Blair Years trade paperback. The genersosity knows no bounds.

The runners-up, in no particular order, are —

twitterer LabourManDan who said that ‘the government calling in Jeremy Kyle to sort out Cabinet ministers’ private affairs #neverhappened underlabour’

Facebook friend Heather Jargus who pointed out that ‘having a ventriloquist dummy as deputy PM never happened under Labour’

twitterer joncrouchend caught my eye by pointing out that it neverhappenedunderlabour that a minister could be judged ‘excellent’ on two weeks work and a neat haircut.

But successful tweeting is all about how much you can pack in and the winning tweet managed to pack in politics, commitment to public services, a reminder of David Laws’ ConDem cuts plans and, crucially, a mention of my book.

For all those reasons, the winner is twitterer jphowarth with ‘local library does not have budget to buy your new book #neverhappenedunderlabour’

Well done to JP (there’s a coincidence) and a reminder to all others there are no grounds for appeal, but every reason to continue with #neverhappenderunderlabour tweeting. Not least because it seems to get a long way up Tory and Lib Dem nostrils.

For the unlucky ones, link to Amazon below. Now off to do an interview with Iain Dale. Steve Wright later. Top man.