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About to go out on a long bike ride hunting for possible Tree of the Day contenders. But frankly nothing will beat this, sent to me overnight from @miriamgonzalezdurantez in Alaska. I am loving her conversion to full on wildlife and scenery fanatic! Alaska is of course in USA but I hesitate to give three medals to US under Trump. So I am going gold for 🇪🇸 silver for Alaska (on same basis Yorkshire recently won a medal) and bronze for usa 🇺🇸 provided Biden-Harris win in November. ...

A day late! Yesterday’s Tree of the Day winner was from Corsica so gold for 🇫🇷 and a personal diplomatic triumph for Catherine Colonna! Ex Chirac spokeswoman, now French Ambassador to the U.K. (lucky to be on holiday while Johnson and Patel play silly Farage games in the channel) - making history as the first Ambo to win L’Arbre du Jour!! Look at how the tree not only survives conditions but takes care to shelter the bench. Formidable, as nobody ever said about Priti, ever .... #unviable ...

Some days - ok just today - you spot one tree made up of three constituent parts worthy of a full Tree of the Day podium. Left to right gold to bronze. What a survivor the droopy bit ! ...

Tree of the Day is the one that made the bats of Woakes and Buttler. Fantastic partnership. Keep telling myself I will get off the sofa. Impossible. Test cricket at its best and though it would be so much better with a crowd having no fans doesn’t kill the passion in the same way it does football. ...

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Living Better

How I Learned To Survive Depression


Alastair Campbell

"Superbly readable, supremely useful. Unflinching, clear-eyed, honest, raw and revealing, it may be the most important achievement of Alastair Campbell’s vivid and varied life. This book could save lives." – STEPHEN FRY

LIVING BETTER is Alastair Campbell’s honest, moving and life affirming account of his lifelong struggle with depression. It is an autobiographical, psychological and psychiatric study, which explores his own childhood, family and other relationships, and examines the impact of his professional and political life on himself and those around him. But it also lays bare his relentless quest to understand depression not just through his own life but through different treatments. Every bit as direct and driven, clever and candid as he is, this is a book filled with pain, but also hope - he examines how his successes have been in part because of rather than despite his mental health problems - and love. His partner of forty years, Fiona Millar, writes a moving afterword on how she too has learned to live with his depression.

Depression is the predominant mental health problem worldwide - it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem and major depression is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide. LIVING BETTER is a call to arms and an extraordinary memoir in one compelling and inspiring narrative. This is a book that really could save lives.

"One can only hope that LIVING BETTER provokes a far wider and more honest understanding of the condition" – JON SNOW