Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell, hosts of Britain’s largest podcast (The Rest Is Politics), have joined forces again for their new interview podcast, ‘Leading’.

Every Monday, Rory and Alastair interrogate, converse with, and interview some of the world’s biggest names – from both inside and outside of politics – about life, leadership, or leading the way in their chosen field.

Tune in to ‘Leading’ now to hear essential conversation from some of the world’s most enthralling individuals.

The Rest is Politics

Two men who’ve been at the heart of the political world – former Downing Street Director of Communications and Strategy Alastair Campbell and cabinet minister Rory Stewart – join forces from across the political divide. The Rest Is Politics lifts the lid on the secrets of Westminster, offering an insider’s view on politics at home and abroad, while bringing back the lost art of disagreeing agreeably.

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So by popular demand @colesbooksbicester have reinstated the dedication function … so if you want a signed and/or dedicated copy go to LINK IN BIO. And if you fancy an hour of good chat there is a new Episode @restispolitics wherever you get your podcasts. Braverman and more on the Nat Cons; why Labour need to be better known and understood on policy; deep dive on Japan (@rorystewartuk is there) and a few of my G7 summit memories from a drunk Yeltsin to a Clinton allergy myth that created chaos wherever he went (oh, and did you know President Chirac hated nouvelle cuisine?) ...

So @disgracecampbell wonders why I am bothering putting schools on the book tour when “none of the kids know who you are and I am way more famous than you with young people” …. A message from 600 State school students gathered at @uni_roehampton with a message for you … “we love your dad Grace!” And well done Daniel Angus who took up my challenge to come on stage and say what Labour economic policy was. Well done too all who asked terrific questions. Especially nice to see so many from John Major’s old school (Rutlish) put their hands up when I asked who might one day go into politics. Fabulous event organised with the Uni and @wimbookfest - it does help when it is a sunny day and the trees are so wonderful ...

So the lido being shut because of a leak is obviously bad news. But it meant spotting this beauty as we left the mixed pond this morning. I mean the tree not the lady with the big bag (tho @therealfionamillar has a certain beauty too!) Tree of the Day (the tree) ...

New episode @restispolitics LEADING in which @rorystewartuk and I talk to Irish PM Leo Varadkar. We cover so much ground - growing up gay and biracial in socially conservative Ireland and how the country has changed. The “entirely predictable damage” of Brexit. How the UK government “doesn’t listen to us but they listen to America who do listen to us.” How Ukraine is making them rethink neutrality. China. Artificial Intelligence. Being a doctor! Ireland’s “deeply problematic” relationship with alcohol. This and much more. Really enjoyed talking to him. LINK IN BIO. ...

And so the next stage of the journey begins …. Looks like the chaos is set to continue … ...

This is getting ridiculous … @restispolitics No 1 in podcast charts. New book now No 1 @audible_uk charts and tomorrow No 1 Sunday Times chart. @burnleyofficial No 1 and back in the Prem. nothing to moan about !! ...

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But What Can I Do?

But What Can I Do?

Why politics has gone so wrong, and how you can help fix it


Alastair Campbell

"Your country needs you. Your world needs you. Your time is now."

Our politics is a mess. We have leaders who can't or shouldn't be allowed to lead. We endure governments that lie, and seek to undermine our democratic values. And we are confronted with policies that serve the interests of the privileged few. It's no surprise that so many of us feel frustrated, let down and drawn to ask, 'But what can I do?' That question is the inspiration behind this book. It's a question regularly posed to Alastair Campbell, not least in reaction to The Rest is Politics, the chart-topping podcast he presents with former Tory Cabinet minister Rory Stewart. His answer, typically, is forthright and impassioned. We cannot afford to stand on the sidelines. If we think things need to change, then we need to change them, and that means getting involved. But What Can I Do? provides each of us with the motivation and the tools to make a difference. Opening with an acute analysis of our polarised world and the populists and extremists who have shaped it, it goes on to show how we help transform it. It explains how we can develop our skills of advocacy and persuasion. It draws on Alastair’s long experience, as well as on role models and lessons from history, to offer practical tips on starting and leading a campaign. It offers advice on developing confidence and coping with criticism and setbacks. And it sets out the practical steps by which we can become political players ourselves. Part call to arms, part practical handbook, But What Can I Do? will prove required reading for anyone who wants to help change things for the better.