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To paraphrase Brian Clough, I am not saying this was the best day of my life but it is in the Top One. I have met many well known people but only one that I have mentioned every day since first meeting them. To play in a charity match with Maradona, and to train with him, was as good as life gets. He was still in so many ways like a kid who just loved to kick a ball. He wore his fame with difficulty at times but he was so nice to everyone involved in Soccer Aid and even men who had won World Cups were in absolute awe of him. The world will be talking of him, writing of him, making films about him for ever. Football is the greatest game on Earth and he was its greatest player RIP DIEGO LEGEND IDOL đź’” ...

If today is an average day, around 400 people in the UK will attempt suicide. That’s one every four minutes. 18 people will die. Suicide is an urgent health issue. But sometimes we can save those lives by being there and asking a simple question: “Are you ok? Are you thinking about suicide?” Together, we can save lives – we just have to ask.
Support Grassroots Suicide Prevention’s campaign - become a lifesaver today. Find out more: www.prevent-suicide.org.uk/support-us/asknowsavelives
Get your own Ask Now Save Lives t-shirt here – proceeds can fund Grassroots’ lifesaving suicide prevention training: www.grassroots-suicide-prevention-store.teemill.com/

One of Fleet Street’s finest has passed away. Paul Callan was an enormous character, great fun to be with, and full of good (and bad) advice for young @dailymirror hacks making their way. He was also my favourite Old Etonian - because he never actually went there. He just pretended he had. But he could write a hell of a lot better than other Old Etonian columnists I could mention. RIP Paul and love and condolences to your family ...

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Better to Live Cover

Living Better

How I Learned To Survive Depression


Alastair Campbell

"Superbly readable, supremely useful. Unflinching, clear-eyed, honest, raw and revealing, it may be the most important achievement of Alastair Campbell’s vivid and varied life. This book could save lives." – STEPHEN FRY

LIVING BETTER is Alastair Campbell’s honest, moving and life affirming account of his lifelong struggle with depression. It is an autobiographical, psychological and psychiatric study, which explores his own childhood, family and other relationships, and examines the impact of his professional and political life on himself and those around him. But it also lays bare his relentless quest to understand depression not just through his own life but through different treatments. Every bit as direct and driven, clever and candid as he is, this is a book filled with pain, but also hope - he examines how his successes have been in part because of rather than despite his mental health problems - and love. His partner of forty years, Fiona Millar, writes a moving afterword on how she too has learned to live with his depression.

Depression is the predominant mental health problem worldwide - it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem and major depression is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide. LIVING BETTER is a call to arms and an extraordinary memoir in one compelling and inspiring narrative. This is a book that really could save lives.

"One can only hope that LIVING BETTER provokes a far wider and more honest understanding of the condition" – JON SNOW

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