Just caught the BBC TV news headlines. Lead story new planning rules being brought in by the government. Second story a rise in the cost of stamps.

So neither of them particularly good stories for the government; the first will lead to lots of angst among countryside campaigners, not to mention NIMBYism; the second will add to the sense of the cost of living rising and privatisation looming.

However, three stories later at the time of writing, still no mention of the Tory funding scandal (despite some very loose loose ends hanging out in all directions) and no mention of the tankers’ dispute.

I can’t help thinking, based on some experience, that had this been a Labour government, the funding story would have run big until every last drop had been squeezed from it, and the tankers’ dispute would be getting major ventilation en route to a bit of panic buying later in the day.

Yesterday I urged the Tories to divulge the details of who David Cameron had had for dinner before they got dragged out bit by bit. Today I urge someone on his behalf – he will be too busy – to have a quick look through the account of the fuel dispute of 2000 in my diaries. If there is one issue not to allow to get out of control, it is this one.

STOP-PRESS .. BBC have just done a sentence on funding, focused on Ed Miliband, and a piece on the tankers’ dispute, the first words of which were ‘Ed Miliband’. Weird!