I know Ed Miliband has other things to do today, what with being, unlike TB and GB, at the wedding … (I’m loving Huw Edwards getting excited about the dress) … but I do hope he sees the response by Howard Stoate to David Cameron’s ‘calm down dear’ moment.

Stoate, a qualified GP, is the former Labour MP whose support for the NHS reforms Cameron prayed in aid at PMQs on Wednesday. His piece in The Guardian exposes the full extent to which his remarks had been taken out of context by the ‘entirely misleading’ Prime Minister.

Clearly part of the government’s ‘Lansley pause’ fightback strategy is for the government to seek to build support within the professions, where thus far there seems to be precious little. But that cause is harmed when the PM tries to cite evidence of such support which falls apart at the slightest of scrutiny.

As I said yesterday, the patronising gibe at Angela Eagle was less important than the reasons why he was in the state of mind to make it. He is worried about these reforms, and has every reason to be so.

There are always plenty of options for the Opposition leader when PMQs comes around. But what the professionals really think of the NHS reforms is a rich seam, and Howard Stoate has added to it today.