I think that despite the risks of Jonathan Ross saying something daft, and despite the risk of speeches over-running, the Beeb should rethink coverage of the Baftas and go for it live. Yet another example of how twitter is changing the world.
Even though everyone knew the King’s Speech would clean up, the excitement of the evening was somewhat diminished by being able to see the results live on twitter, whilst on TV they were still in excited build-up mode.
So go for live I say. And well done to the Oscars for limiting the length of the speeches. It will lead to a nice new line for the bookies – in who goes over. I think Helena Bonham Carter would struggle to stick to the limit.
She said that she wanted to thank the Royal Family. I think the thanks should be the other way round. In this of all years, the film does a good deal to humanise the Royals.
Btw I would have voted for Javier Bardem as best actor. Brilliant in Biutiful.