My God they are still blessed, this Tory government. Can you even begin to imagine the hue and cry, the howling, raging, screeching tone of the papers and the tellybabblers if a Labour government’s handling of the Libyan crisis had been as inept as this?

The Prime Minister wandering around the region spectacularly failing to address the main point.

The deputy Prime Minister heading off for a half-term skiing trip and then saying he had ‘forgotten’ he was meant to be in charge of the country, only to be contradicted by the PM insisting that in the era of the blackberry, he was always in charge. Oh what fun they would have had if it had been John Prescott.

The Foreign Secretary telling us Gaddafi was on a flight to Venezuela, shortly before he popped up on Libyan TV to promise all manner of retribution.

He and the Defence Secretary failing to make the obvious moves needed to grip the obvious situation developing with regard to British nationals seeking to escape.

They are not exactly getting a good press. Even our pro-coalition tummy-ticklers would be hard-pressed to give them that. But they are not getting the kind of hammering the media would have sought to give out had this been TB/JP and Robin Cook in charge.

Meanwhile I see that the Channel 4 spin machine is cranking up the publicity for Jamie’s Dream School which starts next Tuesday evening. There is a very good website putting up extended trailers for the show, including this one which gives you a flavour of my first lesson. The purpose of the course is to try to teach some basic politics to a group of youngsters who have gone through school without troubling the examiners too much.

It is lessons in basic government and politics that the Tory government needs, if the handling of their first mini-crisis is anything to go by.