Many thanks to twitterers for keeping me vaguely informed of what has been happening outside the no newspapers, not seen the news for a week Christmas zone where I have been.
The two most interesting random things pointed out to me were 1, that sixty per cent of British acts which made the charts are privately educated and 2, that ten million people alive in Britain today will live to the age of 100.
Both observations worried me, the first because it so fits the kind of Britain the Tory government wants to encourage, and the second because as a country I’m not sure our politics is geared up for the issues that flow from such demographic change.
Of course the most significant news, which trended on twitter no less, was the departure of Brian Laws as Burnley manager. He is a really nice guy, but a section of the support never really took to him at all, and I suppose the board felt we ought to be doing better with the squad we have.
When Owen Coyle did a runner, one of the bookies was kind enough to have me at 66-1 to take over. This time, I seem not to figure at all, but I will keep the phone on just in case the chairman is trying to get in touch.