The best bits of Private Eye often come from the spoof press reports, which mock both the people they are about, and often the media and the manner of its reporting.

There is one such funny piece this week under the headline ‘Woolas fury at re-run in Oldham.’ The story, from ‘Rotters’ agency, goes as follows: ‘Mr Phil Woolas, Labour MP for Oldham East, last night slammed a High Court order which forced him to stand again for his constituency, after making ‘false allegations about his opponents in the general election.’ He said: ‘When I mislead the voters about Lib Dem policies, I get the book thrown at me … when Nick Clegg does it, he gets to be deputy prime minister.’

Ho ho, I chuckled. But then chuckle turned to the thought that why yes, very good point Mr Spoofman from Rotters. I hope Mr Woolas reads Private Eye. I hope the point gets made more widely. Who knows, if Clegg, Cable, Huhne, Alexander and Co expose any more of their election pledges as anything but, perhaps a few judges could get together and order a re-run of the whole general election?