I thought you might be interested in the release going out from Random House this afternoon about my diaries. They also have pictures of the covers but I am useless at getting pictures up here without my trusty website expert  who is too depressed about the Cameron-Clegg love-in to work! I’m sure someone will find a way of getting them on here



Alastair Campbell’s long-awaited diaries will be published in full following Gordon Brown’s resignation as Prime Minister, Random House announced today.

Extracts from Mr Campbell’s diaries were published as The Blair Years in 2007 and he always intended to publish the full diaries in chronological order. The first of the four volumes will be published on 3rd June. Entitled Prelude to Power, it covers the period from John Smith’s death in May 1994 to Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister in May 1997. It opens with forty pages of hitherto unpublished material recording the discussions that led to Tony Blair, rather than Gordon Brown, becoming leader of the Labour Party.

 In total, the period covered in Prelude to Power accounted for 180 pages of The Blair Years and at 744 pages long, 75% of the material in thisfirst volume of the diaries is previously unpublished.  Prelude to Power records in often intimate detail Labour’s return to office after the Thatcher-Major years.  It was prepared for publication some time ago and is now being printed.

Hutchinson Publishing Director Caroline Gascoigne said: “With elections and campaigns so fresh in people’s minds, and with so much focus on the legacy of the Blair-Brown governments, the timing of publication could not be better for us.  Prelude to Power is a truly riveting read.  I don’t believe there has ever been a diary quite like this from someone so close to the centre of power, and who has remained there ever since.  I know that people have assumed the unpublished material is all about the Blair-Brown relationship, but it is about so much more than that.”

Alastair Campbell said, “I am pleased that I published The Blair Years when I did, because it was part of the debate about Tony Blair’s legacy.  Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are aware that I am now publishing the full diaries, which I believe record in a way that no other document could, the ins and outs, ups and downs, the progress and the setbacks of an extraordinary period in UK political history. 

“Yesterday was a sad day for me, in that 13 years of Labour government came to an end.  It was also a reminder, despite difficulties along the way, of how much has been achieved and how much Britain has changed. Working with Gordon on his recent election campaign, and in the past few days as he has sought to steer Britain through the complex constitutional issues thrown up by the result, I have also been reminded once more that the New Labour team is a collection of very remarkable individuals. 

“It was particularly poignant for me that when Tony Blair telephoned Gordon Brown just before he announced his resignation, the two other people in the room were Peter Mandelson and myself.  We were all there at the beginning, and all there as Labour’s period in office ended. A lot went right, and some things went wrong, along the way. But the New Labour story is one I am proud of, and privileged to have witnessed and participated in. Prelude to Power is the first volume of that story in full.”

Notes for editors:

Prelude to Power by Alastair Campbell will be published in hardback on 3rd June, priced £25

The Blair Years was a Sunday Times Number 1 bestseller and sold 230,000 copies

Future volumes of The Alastair Campbell Diaries are likely to be published at 6 monthly intervals:

Volume 2 – Power and the People

Volume 3 – Power and Responsibility

Volume 4 – The Pressures of Power


Charlotte Bush, Publicity Director, Cornerstone, Random House

So there you go .. get on Amazon all you political junkies. And remember you can still get individually signed copies of The Blair Years and raise cash for Labour by visiting http://www.alastaircampbell.org/bookshop.php.